Countryside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Even So, Come, Lord Jesus Evangelistic Series



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Here is the schedule of the meetings:

Friday, October 22: 7-8:10pm: "The Million Dollar Question"

Saturday, October 23: 7-8:10pm: "Can the Bible be Trusted?"

Sunday, October 24: 7-8:10pm: "Born Again"

Wednesday, October 27: 7-8:10pm: "A Formula for a Crime Free Society"

Friday, October 29: 7-8:10pm: "Rest for the Weary"

Saturday, October 30: 7-8:10pm: "The Day that Disappeared"

Sunday, October 31: 7-8:10pm: "And He Shall Come"

Wednesday, November 3: 7-8:10pm: "Confusion in the Cemetery" 

Friday, November 5: 7-8:10pm: "1,000 Years of Peace"

Saturday, November 6: 7-8:10pm: "There's No Place Like Home"